Why do Russian ladies choose to marry foreigners?

Russian ladies

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The issue is rather relevant. Perhaps they follow ordinary logic of “blue are the hills that are far from us”?

Though, most girls still avoid thinking that way. In general, Russian ladies do not mind complaining of their fellow men. A lot of insanely attractive women are around, so Russian men do not make the trouble coming off the couch to keep a girl. You know, they are absolutely free from putting themselves to some bother finding a new girlfriend, which is no less beautiful than previous one.

Besides, Western men are considered being more responsive to domestic and family affairs. Quite often, women have no plans to find a foreign husband, it’s just happen. Surely, saying every Russian girl makes an informed choice when purposefully looking for a guy from the West is rather wrong. Typically, they just seek to “get out of Russia” and “go abroad,” where “all is better”, and, basically, this is a realistic view of things.

Do Russian ladies dress differently? Good question. Women in Russia prefer a more feminine style of dress.

An American puts on jeans with a T-shirt and feels ok. Russian girl wears a skirt, blouse and heels, even going to the grocery store. Well, Americans often risk being dressed too simple, which in some cases can look inappropriate. Go out for dinner or visit, get dressed the right way. The thing is about slacks, button-down shirt and clean shoes. Avoid being a dude in jeans and sports sneakers.

Is there a similarity between American and Russian families?

Well, let’s just say today’s American families are classic examples of dysfunctional and broken alliances. Still, one of the main traditions of American culture involves human dependence on the idea of independence. In America, they believe people should be independent; everyone has to go his own way, and all that. At eighteen, you are somehow obliged to leave parental home: go to college, get a job, join the army or choose some other place to find own way. If you’re twenty –five and still living with parents, reputation of backward or virgin is guaranteed. Though, the irony is most American teenagers tended to happily enter independent life adventure, when the world suddenly faced financial and labor market collapse. Life plan “college – work – advancement” has died.


Russian ladies: features of communicative behavior

Russians imagine a dialogue as a tea-meeting, with a discussion of all relevant concerns. For Western people, it’s just a usual coffee break to go by in silence. People of West never try finding out what’s on your mind, instead trying to ignore if one is upset or glad to something. Russians tend to ask what’s wrong, try to help and tell of similar situations in their or their friends’ life. Russian necessarily gives advice on how best to proceed, and tells all he thinks about it.

What do Slavic girls value in men?

A survey among Slavic women shows modern girls tend to first seek reliability in men: the quality is desirable for 31% of respondents. Top lines of the chart also feature kindness, high intelligence, integrity, honesty, courage, commitment and respect for woman, as well as high efficiency and responsibility. Ironically, loyalty, material security, outgoing personality and lack of bad habits were mentioned by only 5% of respondents. 3% of the votes went to such character traits as domesticity and generosity, while mental ballast and ability to be a good father is essential for only 2% of women.

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