Russian wives with (

marry a Russian girlHave you ever thought about why so many other guys are so much involved in finding themselves a good foreign wife? There are many possibilities in that regard – Latin wives, Asian wives, European wives, but most of all, Russian wives. Who do so many worthy men want to break the bank to marry a Russian girl? Honestly, have you ever questioned that?

Ok, let’s try and dissect why Russian brides are so popular. What makes them so special and so good? There is a number of advantages a Russian woman has in comparison to her counterparts:

  1. There’s hardly any real competition in terms of looks and beauty. Other men will break a neck trying to get your lady’s attention. And that’s a natural reaction. There are beautiful women with every nation and country of the world, it’s just the concentration of exquisite beauties in Russia is truly off the charts. And what’s important, Russian girls suit any taste – literally any kind of girl types, be it slim girls or well-fleshed, blondes or brunettes (don’t dismiss the redheads just yet!), tall or small, whichever you want. Like a kid in the candy store!
  2. Apparent feminine traits. Unlike their western peers, Russian women strive to be woman. And act like woman. They need that feeling of a strong men shoulder beside them. They are ready and willing to embrace the need to obey a man’s opinion. That’s what a phrase “the softer sex” is all about. They crave for these little attributes of a true romance.
  3. They demonstrate sincere concern. Have no second thoughts, the Russian women really do care. They take it very personally (sometimes overreacting). Such sympathetic attitude is genuine and comes from the heart, and it’s something that makes them very authentic, personable and appealing.
  4. Family-first approach. For most Russians family means everything. From an early age, girls are taught and prepared for the roles of wives, mothers and guardians of the hearth. Fulfilling this means a world to a Russian girl and that’s why that is something she sets her heart on. She will pay you back multifold if you give her a chance to be the person she wants to be.Russian ladies
  5. Very handy. Ooooh, they can do it all. Even if it sounds not quite feminine. They do housekeeping, they cook wonderful stuff, they look after the kids (and that includes grownups too). They can even do a man’s job – handle the saw, drive nails, work with a wrench. And most amazingly they somehow manage to stay the same breathtaking beauties throughout this whole lengthy process. That alone is worthy of immense respect. A Russian woman is a total package.
  6. Indulging and easy-going. Not that they haven’t got any aspirations. Quite the opposite. But it’s that level of coolness that allows them to keep their heads on their shoulders and not push their men too much without a reason. They are down to earth yet not some simpletons.
  7. Attentive and backing. A Russian wife dating will always be there when you need her. That loyalty and reliability is ingrained and comes from the way they are brought up. You can expect an utmost level of support and dedication and can always rely on her.
  8. Wits and smarts are definitely there. Russian women never lose a sense of humor, not once. They are witty and always look for an opportunity to joke on you. So keep your heads up.

Of course there are disadvantages too, there’s no ideal in this world, but those are minor and not worthy even of mentioning them. Nothing matters but the fact that Russian ladies are everything a man could dream of and more.