Lonely online: is it possible to find love online

Brilic girlsExploring the registration for the serious relations and creation of family. … communicate: send messages, arrange online sessions with video chat. And only with verified users.

Everything is solved with one move-not even a hand-finger. Move the photo to the left and you’ll never see that person online again. Right — and here it is, a chance to socialize. Online first. And there, suddenly, and present a date tickles. Dating sites and applications for smartphones have long formed a separate industry that boldly competes with social networks. More than half of Americans believe that to meet on the Internet is a great opportunity to find a couple or just have a good time. And the popularity of online Dating among young people has increased 3 times over the past 7 years.

In the application Brilic, you are required to place 6 photos and write a maximum of 500 words about yourself. In the parameters specify the age of potential princes and the distance at which they should be from you. And all-a selection of photos at your service. Like-put a plus and wait for an answer. If the sympathy is mutual-a conversation begins. From registration to the first communication can take only a few minutes. Guys do not need a long time to think about how best to approach and meet a girl on the street. And ladies are deprived of need to shoot eyes at a bar counter. All conveniently.

Among the fans of such meetings in the network and the novel from Seattle, Washington. He has been using Brilic for more than 2 years, and thanks to Him has received more than a dozen dates and pleasant acquaintances. “Of course, the main goal is to find a mate. But it can be used just to find a company for the evening, for example, ” – says the guy. He says, Brilic is also great for those who travel a lot-so in an unfamiliar city you can immediately find someone to spend the day or evening. “Everything happens very quickly — you can just sit for an hour in the network-and now you already have plans for the evening.”brilic free women

Katerina does not agree to Dating so quickly, but she also confirms that online Dating is not just convenient, but sometimes the only opportunity to get acquainted.

“It’s like pimping-you show everyone who is around and who is not against now to go on a date, ” she says.

Admits, does not remember the last time I heard that someone met, for example, on the street. “I can’t imagine where to go for the introduction? If you do not have time to find the couple still at the Institute — it will be even harder. At work — the team may not be the same, but simply do not have enough time for entertainment,” she says.

A couple of years ago, she decided to sign up for several online Dating apps. First — for the sake of the experiment. Says, because she is a psychotherapist by profession, was just curious to know what kind of people inhabit such sites. “And then I realized that it made sense and I thought, let me do this [profiles in Dating apps] and for myself.” And Katerina did not lose: she had more successful dates than failures, there were new acquaintances, friends and even a guy with whom the girl met for 2 years.

Despite all the variety of sites and applications, the rules of the game are the same for everyone. Roman says that information about yourself should be written as interesting as possible. And never start a conversation with just ” Hello!”. “Only you should be in the profile photo — no friends or exes. Guys I advise you not to yawn — if after a dozen messages a girl to ask out, most likely, the communication will stop is if we talk about communication in Brilic”, — said Roman. Katerina puts more emphasis on personal safety.sexy briliant

“In the network, safety must be observed in the same way as when meeting in any other circumstances. When you go on a date, be sure to leave your friends the name and contacts of your new friend.”

The psychologist absolutely agrees with her: “in my practice there was a case when the relationship began, a Ukrainian with a foreigner, and they seemed to be so gentle and tremulous, in fact it turned out that the person came, robbed and left,” Natalia says. She also says-to rush into the pool with his head in a relationship with a person you do not know is dangerous for moral health. Therefore, you should get attached only when you get to know each other offline.

Irina is exactly what happened. At the first meeting they are future husband and talked all evening without stopping and the decision to be together was accepted very quickly. They travel a lot, breed and train guide dogs and are sure that love and happiness can be at any age.