Locanto App Review – Know Why Locanto Is One of the Best Dating Services

Locanto is a new hookup dating app that promises to provide the best dating experience for local singles. It is free to download and matches local singles with compatible hookup apps. Dating experts have weighed in their views about Locanto. Some are impressed with the dating basics – good layout, easy navigation and search function. Others are not quite as excited about these features.

In this Locanto app review, you will learn about some of the pros and cons of the dating service

Locanto is part of the slew of dating services tailored exclusively for local singles. These dating services come in many forms – matchmaking sites, matchmaking apps, local singles get togethers etc. The best local dating site is Locanto, a social networking site for local singles. It has a simple, easy to use interface and does away with complexities such as browsing through hundreds of profiles.

Locanto has several hookup online features such as instant messaging, video conferencing and online chat. This ensures that people who want to hookup online can do so without wasting time. In addition, hookup online features ensure that no area is left untouched. Whether it’s a adult dating site or a hookup site, each offering is designed to cater to local needs.

Many people have expressed doubts about hookup online dating

Locanto has gained many supporters since launching. A recent thread on the forum mentioned the success of Locanto. The reason why more people are getting hooked onto this dating app is that it caters to the specific needs of local singles. Since it was launched just a few months ago, many local singles have registered on the site and have shared their experiences.

According to these reviews, Locanto has the best features in the local dating segment. Users can create a profile for local singles and search for fellow local singles according to age, occupation, likes and dislikes. For added security, a number of advanced security options are also available. A recent thread on the forum mentioned the option to enter the location of the user into the system. This advanced feature helps users locate local singles in their surrounding area with ease.

Locanto also boasts of its visual and video quality

The reviews have praised the clarity and vibrancy of the images and videos posted on the site. The videos are excellent and are nothing less than amateur videos shot by amateurs. Users can check out the looks and feel of the dating site through the preview clips. It has always been clear that the video section of the site is a work in progress.

The reviews also praised the user friendliness of the application. Users can easily add their friends and find others without having to fiddle with different menu options. They can also comment on pictures posted and even upload their own personal pictures to show their true colours. Locanto uses text based chat facilities and thus you can easily contact other members without wasting too much time.

The hookup section of Locanto is well planned and organized

Users can easily find members to talk to and strike a lasting relationship through this section. Since the service is still in its early stages, there is still a lot of scope for growth and success for online dating. However, the good reviews in the Locanto app review are enough to boost spirits about the dating app.

There are several other social networking tools in the market and most of them have a huge fan following. Locanto has almost the same fan following as such famous tools like Twitter and Facebook. The biggest advantage of using Facebook and Twitter is that they allow you to interact with a worldwide audience. You can upload videos for online visibility and you can also make friends and connect with old friends.

In the recent past, many hookup apps and dating sites had faced stiff competition from big players like Matchbook and Eharmony. However, Locanto hasn’t yet received any such complaints.

There have been very few complaints so far and the users have also expressed their satisfaction with the services offered by the site. Thus, it is obvious that Locanto has got a lot of support from its users and thus has a lot of strength in its side.

Finally, the biggest advantage that you get by using the Locanto app is that you don’t have to go anywhere. All you need is your smartphone and Internet connection to start dating.