How to get over hookup anxiety and keep cool always

Our confidence with casual lovers depends on too many factors. After breakup, especially if we were left by a partner, the self-confidence level is decreasing a lot. It also depends on our experience.

Experts say, the biggest stressing factor is our hookup’s hotness though. If it exceeds our usual standards much, we get anxious and cannot really show our full intimate potential in a bed.

It shouldn’t be so, specialists think, as we need to learn how to control our sexual skills and the performance quality. This is how we can avoid any anxiety and perform perfectly while hookuping.

  • Self-affirmations in front of the mirror. It’s a popular psychological practice when one is reassuring himself that he, or she, is really worthy of the hottest personals’ attention.
  • Raising your ego healthily. Just do smth you really enjoy, prior to casual sex. Take the massage session or apply the most expensive cologne for special occasions, it helps.
  • Communication with local celebs. Exchange a few words with all exceptional people you can meet, especially good-looking and successful ones. It raises your self-esteem.