Hot Asian girlfriend, how do you get one?

local Asian datingIn order to win a mysterious Asian woman’s heart, you should learn more about her character, what she likes and dislikes and some cultural differences between you. To prevent a sudden cultural shock, here’re some tips of local Asian dating rules.

Five things Asian girls love

  1. Asian girls love being thin and they do love compliments about their figure. Well, probably every girl around the world wants to be thin, but they literally want to be as thin as a piece of paper. The ideal weight for an Asian girl is less than 100 pounds, if she crosses the line, she finds herself in trouble. Regardless of height, simply every Asian girl’s target is to weight 100 pounds and less. They usually starve themselves and use massages to lose weight. A tip for those who’s trying to arrange a date online: do not believe everything you see. A lot of girls use different apps to make them look thinner, taller and prettier.
  2. Asian girls like to have white skin. It’s rooted in their history. If you’re a farmer and have to work the whole day under the sun, you get tanned. That’s why white skin is considered as something high-class, it means that you’re not poor. They usually use umbrellas in the summer and try not to go outside in extremely heaty days.
  3. Asian girls like taking pictures of food, and this thing pisses off most of the men. If you look at any Asian version of Facebook and look at their daily feeds, it is literally only pictures of food: tiny cakes, little pastries, things that don’t even look delicious in a Western understanding on what’s tasty. Even though it seems annoying for most of the foreigners, Asian ladies consider it as an art form. That’s why, if you’re dating local Asian girl, don’t be surprised that first thing she’ll do would be taking photos of everything you order. No matter how hungry you are, you just have to wait until the photo session is over.
  4. Also Asian girls are fond of selfies. This thing is definitely persisting all around the world, but Asian girls are taking it way too far. She found a flower – took a selfie, staying in front of a boring building – a selfie, she gets in a taxi… she takes a selfie. Another annoying thing is seeing extreme measures Asian girls are taking in order to make them look beautiful on a photo. They stretch their legs, make eyes unnaturally big and so on. That’s why, when you date an Asian girl online, ask her for a live video chat, because not everything you seen on photos is true.
  5. Asian girls love doing professional photo shoots. If there’s a big occasion is coming, be sure your girlfriend has already booked a photo shoot and prepared some crazy ideas. For example, taking wedding photos in traditional Chinese clothes in the summer heat or illustrating high school pupils when you’re over 25 years old, or taking pregnant photos in a cute bunny costume that covers only the most interesting part… Asian girls’ imagination has no limits!

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Where to meet Asian women in your country?

In Western countries there’re many ways to meet Asian women. You can go to a University campus. Many Asian girls, especially from China and Korea study in Western universities so if you’re interested in meeting a young, well-educated, intelligent, and hot Asian girlfriend, a University campus is the best place to go. If they ask you why you’re there, you can simply say: “I’m here to look for a book in a campus book store” or you can say: “I’m here to use the library”, which will make you in intelligent person in her eyes immediately.

You can go to a Chinses/Japanese/Korean restaurant. If you’re frequent at Asian restaurants, you should become a restaurant owner’s friend. Because once you know the owner well, he or she can easily introduce you to lovely Asian women who also go to this restaurant. You can become a restaurant manager or waiter or waitress’ friend so you get introduced to Asian ladies.

Also you can go to an Asian dessert shop. For example, there’re many Chinese dessert shops in most Western countries. When you go there and seek a woman sitting by herself you should sit down at her table and simply ask her to recommend a dessert to you. And then you can begin the conversation from here. Chinese dessert shop is more romantic than a restaurant, and the ambience will help you as well.

Join a Chinese/Japanese/Korean language class. Learning some Asian language can certainly help you get Asian girls so you’d be well-advised to join a language class. Usually the teacher is Asian so you should keep in touch with the teacher so that he or she will introduce his or her Asian friends to you in the future. Or maybe your teacher is a hot Asian woman so you may even want to pick her up.

Use an online dating website. This is the most efficient way to meet Asian women, because girls who join these international dating sites are already interested in meeting Western men. In other words, they are qualified Asian women who are looking for men like you. Using such sites, many people found each other, regardless of age and race: like black and Asian dating in the USA. That may seem like a strange relationship, but first of all, we all are human beings and we all deserve some love!

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