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Pretty blonde young woman doing heart sign with handsWhen a man reaches marital age, it becomes very difficult to avoid comments from friend’s family and relatives. They insist on settling down, get married, and plan to have kids. Personally, I did not intend to settle down at all and my bachelor life is amazing which I enjoy to the fullest. Sick of relationships and not so serious girlfriends I have developed a fear of marriage where a woman is living with me, which adds too many responsibilities. However, when I see my friends getting married and living their family lives, I kind of adore that. It makes me think that getting married would not be a bad idea.

I did not believe in the conventional way of dating where I find a girl and spend months on making her happy and then pop the question. I wanted a quick result so I resorted to the internet to find me a suitable life partner.  As I was surfing the internet, I came across a dating website that had blogs and tips on dating women. I thought it was just a scam because I thought no website could teach a person how to date.  They had expert dating advice on how to date Russian, Asian, and Latin women. Taking those tips from the dating website, I started my online dating profile.  I found many dating websites that had many profiles of single women it was impossible for me to believe that these women could not find a life partner. However, the registration was free so I thought to try it. I thought this would at least stop my family and friends giving me constant lectures on getting married. The registration was done and I sent out messages to four women thinking that all of them were scam artists. After waiting for 2 days, I received reply from one woman. With technology so advanced, I decided to have a video call so that I was sure the opposite person was not a fraud. After a long chat with one woman, I asked her to come out for dinner with me. One thing I noticed about Russian women was that they are kind by nature and have passion for success.

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I read up on dating blog for Russians to get a deeper insight into their minds and find out what impressed them. The day of the dinner came and I met this woman. We enjoyed a nice meal, had a nice conversation, and got to know each other better. I was now confident on the women I chose. She was funny, intelligent, beautiful, and successful as a paralegal at a law firm. It was impossible for me to believe that a person like me could land up with such a beautiful woman. It was surprising how this woman had made a believer out of me for marriage and settling down. Every man wants that one girl who connects him to the world. After 2 years of dating and 3 years of marriage, I am sure that online dating is not always a fraud.