10 Most Frequent Stereotypes About Russia and Russian Women

loverussianwomenPeople all over the world like to stereotype. It is just a part of human nature and no one can do a thing about it! Below you will find the biggest stereotypes about Russia and Russian women.

Russian women are ready to get married to anyone as they are desperate in leaving their country. It is not true as most of Russians are patriots and love their country. About Russian women in their majority are well-educated, very smart and have high demands towards their future spouse. So, they are very thorough in their search.

All Russian women are beautiful. This is just a stereotype. Together with this most of Russian women take good care of themselves; they are very feminine and try not to get fat. Many men fall for their femininity.

All Russian men are drunkards and abuse their women. This statement is far from the truth. Russian women look for men abroad as the number of women in Russia exceeds the number of men.

All Russians drink vodka. It is another big myth. Many Russian women can’t stand vodka, even by its smell.

Russia is very cold. Russia occupies a vast territory on Earth globe and its climate varies from one geographical zone to another.

Russian women are submissive and marriage looks like a slavery. Quite on the contrary, you better never reveal a Russian woman in anger. 😉

Russians are very sad people and lack sense of humor. Russian people have a great sense of humor; it is just different form the Western humor. And they are not a sad nation; they just don’t smile a lot.

Russian women are materialistic. Russian women are not more materialistic than the women of other countries. Russians a very gift giving nation, that is why this stereotype appeared.

Russians are poor. To destroy this myth, go to Russia and see how Russians are dressed, what cars they drive and places they live, etc.

Russians wear big fury hats and coats. Fury coats are still in fashion, but big fury hats are in the past.