What are those “cultural differences” and are they really dangerous?

marladyrussianConsidering a marriage with a Russian lady, you need to remember “cultural difference” aspect. Some people give up on international marriages and relationship due to the challenge of the so-called “cultural differences”. What are they and are they as dangerous as it can seem at the first glance?

It is impossible to mention all the differences in cultures of Russian people and ‘Western world’. They are too many. However, the one getting married to a person from different culture needs to bare in mind that his/her partner can have different ways of looking at things, different ways of dressing, different ways of expressing personality/goodness. This for sure can cause misunderstandings or doing wrongs to your partner not even wishing this. To avoid any unpleasant situation, hot debates and scandals, the two partners need to be aware of these differences and be open and extremely patient to each other. A great plus is to learn the culture of your beloved to understand him/her and show respect to him/her and his/her country.

To a great luck there is no dreadful difference in culture of Russian people and Western world not to make a marriage work. A great time spent learning each other’s culture with its peculiarities will save you from many unneeded conflicts and will help harmony reign the relationship. In a marriage with Russian woman never be afraid to ask her what is good or bad in her vision, discuss things with her, ask why it is not acceptable and what is acceptable or not in this or that situation, learn from each other, don’t laugh at each other’s faults, but laugh together over them and support each other.

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Real love has no obstacles, if you put time, efforts and patience to make international marriage work, you will succeed and marriage with a Russian woman is worth it!

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