Speed Dating Preparation

Speed Dating PreparationBeing single. Nothing is more divided than being single. The internet is littered with opinions on the matter. Actually, that’s probably wrong—the internet is a heaping, filthy, colossal, global warming fescue toilet of opinions.

You can’t bat them off or ignore them either. For every person beaming about how independent they feel five seconds after ripping their way through a tumultuous breakup (before falling into a harrowing depression) is a person bemoaning the forever alone life they feel is slowly killing them (before falling into a harrowing depression). 

So, while it’s hard to avoid the love it or hate onslaught online narcissistic singledom, there are options—one of which proves pretty effective at landing you into the relationship zone.

Speed Dating.

People are fascinated and terrified by speed dating. It combines tons of things that people regularly put on their lists of top fears. Talking about yourself is hard, and for many people, doing it twenty times in a row every half hour is a lot like speed dating—which people rank right up there with death. There’s also the anxiety of meeting people. Parties and social outings have notoriously been a bloodbath for people who are introverts and bad at starting up conversation—people who already may have a predisposition to being single. Add that to the fact that more than 60% of people at a speed dating event are there for the first time, and you have yourself a recipe for anxiety.

But if you search speed dating profiles or go to a speed dating event and meet 20 people, chances are you will have some kind of (read between the lines) relationship with one of them. That’s way, way, better than going to a bar or club and hope you or somebody else will make a mistake and elect to go home with someone they may wake up the next day and have second thoughts about.

The question is, then, what can you do to prepare yourself for Speed Dating. Well, for one, done load your brain with expectations—they’ll probably only end up stressing you out. Since so many people will be there for the first time, they’ll be just as anxious as you. If you’re too cool and don’t get anxious, good for you, but for the rest of us, just walk in with an open-mind and you’ll have a good time.

speed dating

Next, we need to look at speed dating from each gender’s perspective. About 60% of women go with their friends, and almost all guys go alone. So, guys, know you can’t be mean to one of them or show signs of distaste if you don’t like them—because word will spread fast. Ladies, understand that the men you’re talking to have probably put a lot of thought to this and are showing confidence. That right there says a lot about them. That and the fact they had the cojones to meet you in person and not just swipe you and hope to get lucky.

How to Set Up a Double Date – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RSGHQ87tZ3s

Third, and this is really important—think of interesting questions to ask. How many speed dating session do you think struggle with an insufferable amount of boredom? Probably most of them. You don’t have to get too personal, but as them something unique. ‘What’s up’ isn’t going to cut it. Ask them about travels they’ve taken, really good food they’ve had—something great they had fun doing recently. This will put them in a happy place mentally and tell you way more about them than ‘What do you do’. So many people dislike their jobs, asking them that may make them dislike you.

There you have it: three essentials that will make you a speed dating guru, or at the very least, more apt to put your feet in the water. Speed dating has been growing in popularity ever since its inception, and with any lucky, you can move that meter from single to dating, in a relationship—whatever your heart wants—if you take a chance and meet a great person.