Secret of a happy marriage between a foreigner and a Russian bride

foreigner and a Russian brideThe main secret of each marriage is a husband who loves his wife, and a wife who loves her husband, that was the issue which was proved a long time ago by a famous philosopher. Family love is a secret that is bothering you all life long, and it is an answer to all of the questions that are bothering you. A lot of people are wondering what is the secret of couples that are happy together for thirty, forty, or even fifty years, what are those invisible links that keep them together. How did they manage to keep the warmth in their relationship through so many years? A lot of family couples have answered this question and there is one mutual thing in all of their answers, such as the fact that each of the successful unions has same common features.

All of those couples state that the first minute they met each other, they felt in that special moment the special sympathy towards each other as well as the fact that they understand each other so well! Some of them were very much astonished by this fact, as there is a traditional assumption that love comes up only after some time, but in the happy couples the feeling of harmony and mutual understanding were right there as soon after meeting with each other. Sometimes this feeling had a lot in common with sexual desire, but in the majority of cases those people simply were emotionally close to each other. The first meeting between a foreigner and a Russian bride after exchanging a bunch of letters is always the most important and special moment, as by that meeting you can already tell everything about their future relationship. Whether it will be a simple friendship relationship or it will be a union based on love and passion. Friendship is a feeling based on the common interests and same views about life, while passion is based on the difference of the characters and temper- this is the basis for a successful marriage.

Once while talking with a old and highly respected lady I tried to find out her secret of the happy family life, and she answered that a happy family can be created only by people who have opposite characters and temper but are a part of people who have same views about life.russianlove

There is a couple who is a great example; she was a Russian bride who met a Greek man. There was a serious difference in their characters Alena was very shying and sensitive woman, while Nikos was a strong and very confident man who was able to provide her with safety and everything she needs in order to be happy. They were those two people who were completing each other. Of course they had their own minuses, but once again, who doesn’t have them?!

The most important thing in a relationship between a foreigner and a Russian bride lay in the fact that their pluses are much more important than their minuses, if two people are honest and just towards each other, than the good things about their partners would always be more important than the bad ones. We should always appreciate our soul mates, and keep in our mind the good things that they have done, the things that they have done for the sake of their family.

Young couples should have mutual plans and share common worries, on the back front of their great mutual love and amazing sex.

Problems never make anyone happy, but if they are shared by two people, and are shared with support of each other, than what can be better than the feeling that there is a person by your side who you can always count on, no matter what will happen in this life this person will stand by your side, and will not leave you in a difficult moment when you will need it by your side. That is truly something worth living for.