Scam in On-line Dating

Getting into the world of on-line dating, you also need to be aware of the on-line dating scam. What is that? ‘Romance’ scams play emotional games and do everything to lessen your defense, appealing to your romantic and compassionate side with the scope of receiving money, presents or your personal information.

These types of scammers create fake profiles on on-line dating sites, then choose their victims, contact them, show much love and passion and very soon you move your communication from the site to personal level: instant messaging, phone calls, etc. These people go great lengths to receive what they desire from you. When they have your trust, they can ask you for money, other financial help, your credit card details, expensive presents, etc. For this, they will create a variety of reasons.

Some other on-line dating scammers can start with sending you flowers, small gifts and would ask you for a pretty sum of money for the transfer of this present ‘from the bottom of their heart’. Others will claim to be seriously ill or being involved into a serious accident. They can ask you the money for the visa and travel expenses connected to their visit to you. Today ‘romance’ scammers get more inventive! So, no matter what you are asked to, stay reasonable and never send any money to the people you don’t know and have never met for real. In most of the cases it will not be possible to get the money you sent to the scammers back. Thus, be aware of this fact and don’t end up losing a lot of money. Besides this, you also risk to feel deep and lasting emotional betrayal.

The warning signs of a dating scam are:

  • The picture doesn’t correspond to the description in profile, or the picture looks too good to be true, as if from the cover of magazine
  • After several letters a person professes deep feelings or love, an offer of moving a conversation from the present site follows
  • After you are told the story that requires your financial help or there is need for your credit card information
  • The e-mails and phone calls become persistent and direct in case you don’t send money right away
  • The letters are poorly written, there is no specific information about the person, the person repeats him/herself, you are addressed by the wrong name or there is no name at all
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So, what you should do to avoid being scammed?

Always consider the possibility of scam from any person, writing to you. Never send money to people you don’t know and have never met in person. Never provide your credit card information and never give your personal data out. If you agree to meet face-to-face, tell your relatives, friends, close people where you are going and whom are you going to meet.