Russian women know their place

RussianwomensexMike Jones, thirty four years old, professional soccer player, Brooklyn, New York.

I have dated a Russian woman, and I rate this experience as a very positive one. She was a kind and nice girl who was also very intelligent and pretty. Some time it was very good, but for some reason, and i am very sorry about it, it didn’t work out. I don’t know if there are some stereotypes about Russian women in the eyes of American people, and if there are things they differ from the representatives of other countries. But i can say the thing i am pretty sure about is that girls from Eastern Europe are one of the most beautiful women in the world.

Some of my friends state that Russian women are very family oriented and when they say family oriented they mean a classic family lifestyle, in which woman knows its place and mission, as well as man knows his responsibilities and place. Those women are amazing lovers. For them the most important thing is the ability of their men to provide their family and make good money.

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They cook very well and have a strong will. Of course those things are not characteristic to every single girl, but I am perfectly sure that a strong and serious relationship that will eventually one day evaluate into a family is more possible between an American man and a woman from Eastern Europe, than between an American man and American woman. The most important thing is to find that woman with who there will be that “chemistry” with who you will feel happiness.rusiangirlsfree

Language in this situation will not be such a great obstacle, as well as the difference in culture and religion. The thing that really matters is the difference in social structure, in which were built the identities of this man and woman, here is also the different attitude towards work, rest and family life. If I would marry a Russian woman, than i would certainly wish my children to equally speak Russian and English languages, as well as a few other languages just in case. And of course I would teach them Greek language as well, as my father is originally from Greece, so I and my sister are fluent in Greek language as well, though we both live in New York since our early childhood.

What Russian names do i know, hmm, I know Elena, Emilia, Nina, Veronica, Maria – as those are the names of the Russian women I used to communicate with in this or that time. Some of the names were difficult for me to keep in my mind due to the difficult spelling, but once i wrote it in my mind i was not ever able to forget it.

I wish a lot of patience and luck to every man who would have the honor and happiness to meet a single Russian lady, as yeah sometimes it might be hard, as those are the women who need care and support on a constant basis, as it is hard for them to adjust to the American culture, but once you will be able to make her feel safe and secure with you, she will make you happy and your home will look like the coziest place in the world, i know that as it happened to me, and not once, that is why i understood it is normal for those women. Too bad i was acting stupid and lost those women, i could have had a family and children now.