Russian girls vs. American girls



When you travel to Russia to meet your Russian bride, you will probably notice that Russian people are friendly and open. They may not smile as often as Western people do, but this is just the factor of their culture. They try to help people around them and are a very giving nation. Russian women are not the exception. 😉

Russian women are gorgeous and well-mannered. Many of Russian women really look like models, those, who are not as beautiful, still look very feminine and attractive as they are well-groomed. However, together with looking Great Russian women don’t have the same pretentions as beautiful American women have, who will never talk to an ‘uncool’ man, who would like to get acquainted with them. Russian women are open and friendly with foreigners.

It is easier to date Russian women than American, not because they have lower self-esteem or lower expectations, but because they don’t impose all their desires and expectations on the men. Russian women are patient to wait when you will ‘ripe’ and they are much happier with that.

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Speaking about marriage, Russian girls are not hung up about this. Most of the Russian girls cherish the idea of sharing their lives with someone special, creating strong, harmonious family and raising children, even if this will prevent them from further development on career ladder.  Family is paramount for Russian girls; they are raised with this ‘conventional’ family values. So being serious towards a Russian lady is your great advantage. Many American women are concerned with their career growth and some of them even don’t want to become wives and mothers. Even when they marry, American girls have some priorities that go above the things that are good for the family. Feminism doesn’t play the last role here.

If you made up your mind to marry a Russian woman, you are on the right way.

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