Russian Dating Websites to Find Suitable Life Partners

womenfromrusiaI spent six years of my life looking for a suitable life partner and got nothing but a string of failed relationships. It was becoming tougher everyday to find a woman who would actually understand me and become the ideal life partner. After looking at prospective brides for arranged marriages, I was disappointed and thought that bachelor life was the only way to live. My friends suggested that I tried dating Russian women online. Even though I did not consider it ideal at that time, I was desperate to find my soulmate. Keeping in mind the dangers of signing up with bogus sites, I went by popular recommendation and conducted a search across highly accessed dating sites for the purpose.

I searched the web and found hundreds of dating websites with many women looking out for their life partners. I finally decided to register with the site which mainly had profiles of Russian women. I was almost sure that I was going to regret this decision. In spite of that I decided to go ahead with it. After browsing through the Russian dating website and reading their content, I sent out messages to six different women with interests and hobbies common to mine. I had no expectation of any reply from any of the women. However, after four days, one woman replied. Nadia was a Russian citizen living in the States and working as a translator for a corporation. We had a long chat on the internet and agreed upon a date to meet. She was a beautiful woman who was ambitious and serious about her career. On the day of the date I picked her up from her house and we went out for a nice dinner at a restaurant in Long Island.

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I was astounded by her knowledge and intellect, even though her career was radically different from mine. She was the perfect woman whom I had been waiting for. After enjoying a nice meal we went for a walk on the beach and talked about what we were looking for. Nadia made it clear that she wanted a green card so she could support her family back home. I did not have any problem to wait I was in no hurry to settle down. We agreed to date each other and eventually let the universe decide the fate of our relationship. Soon, we were happily and profoundly in love.

Once you have found the one, it is a feeling that cannot be expressed in words. To find someone who completes you and makes your better. Nadia has given happiness beyond my wildest dreams and I could not have asked for more. Now that we have dated for almost three years, there is a big question to be answered which is her willingness to spend the rest of her life with me. I want to pop the question soon and know if this is just a fantasy or Nadia is here to stay forever.

The one thing I have now realized is that love can be found in the most strangest of places. I have found mine. Have you?