Romeo app for gay men review

Romeo app for gay menWhy Romeo app for gay men is so good

There are many LGBTQ+ applications for online dating and hook-ups that serve their target audience pretty well, but Romeo stands out. It is rated high since 2002 when its title was Planetromeo, and the company that launched the app in Germany had the same name. It still keeps good positions and has already conquered the world market.

For sure, positive reviews, dozens of success stories, and effective work doesn’t come from nothing.

Gay dating app shouldn’t be expensive, otherwise it becomes a place for self-sale.

Romeo owners realize that, so they made it free for the majority of users. The most demanding folks can pay for a Plus membership which is also very reasonable and fair. Here are some other keys for success:

  • Romeo isn’t specialized on gay men only: it responds to the needs of trans people, so-called ladyboys, and bi-males and there are so many of them worldwide nowadays.
  • The team dedicated a lot of time to developing a special design and unique features. Although gay men are known to be creative and unusual, some other themed apps remain completely plain and boring and it causes their unpopularity.
  • Video calls for free are absolutely in favour. Gay men are very visual with obvious aesthetic preferences, therefore, seeing a potential partner is crucial to them. The same comes to a safe exchange of private photos which is provided and ensured on Romeo.
  • Profiles are awesome on Romeo app: they contain bright amusing statuses and reflect detailed sexual preferences of the user. It helps to find a partner much faster and in a fun way.
  • Thousands of real users who stronger prevail over bots or scammers – that is a very serious advantage. As we know, such an achievement demands constant work of the whole team. Bulling and abuse aren’t rare on gay dating sites. Double verification including Captcha and social networks, makes it more difficult for a wrong person or a bot to lead its destructive activity within the app.
  • Planetromeo cares about the development of both the application and the desktop version of the platform. It’s always a sign of stability especially if both versions are working for years with a stable commitment.

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Is Romeo a hookup or a serious dating app?

There are many gay couples who stay together for 10+ years. This statistics is less for trans people though, and bi-males tend to mostly meet men for one-night-stand. It answers the question and helps us divide the Romeo customers into two main groups.

Initially, the app is meant for intimate interaction which can potentially turn into something bigger. That’s why Romeo app for gay men review cannot be limited by this or that judgement. The platform rather serves all kinds of needs and requests.

It is very convenient to choose a short-term or a long-term partner via Romeo by viewing his detailed profile info and discussing private matters in the chat. This way, any person defines within 10-15 minutes whether another user is compatible or not. The profile normally mentions the nuances of orientation, sexual preferences, and purpose of the search; while the communication is typically very frank and open on Romeo.

Reportedly, no one is leaving without a real date after a few days or even hours on Romeo.

However, some safety measures and behavioural practices are recommended for a more effective correspondence:

  1. Always learn whether your potential partner is dominant or submissive, or a switch. Not knowing this particular nuance can ruin the communication and psychologically traumatize one or both participants.
  2. If you are not a fan of threesomes, better try to avoid couples who are looking for entertainment. It’s exactly the case when review on the application Romeo for LGBT folks won’t let you get hurt by wrong people.
  3. Keep in mind that condoms and protecting creams are the must, no matter how much you trust to your new friend, even if one of you or both are virgins.

No matter if you plan a cool evening or a lifetime relationship, you should start from sufficient safety so there’s less regrets in future.

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Why being someone’s Romeo is challenging

It’s not a secret that gay men tend to be self-centered and a bit immature, but sooner or later, it’s time to grow up.

Pleasing your partner brings more pleasure to yourself, so it’s also selfish but in a good way.

Commitment is a complex and multi-levelled process that includes following steps:

  • Understanding that another person has his own needs, views, and purposes as we are all different, he doesn’t owe you to be equal or similar.
  • Developing a strong life rule that sexual satisfaction should be mutual. Some people will thank Romeo app for gay men review for explaining this and others just think it’s an elementary thing.
  • The fact that a person knows how to register on the gay dating app, doesn’t obligatory mean coming out took place in his life. It’s important to respect another person’s life and his choices or circumstances.
  • Your date has a past. It’s normal. Gay life is rarely monogamous and very structured; it’s chaotic and you should accept that even if your feelings grew strong. Don’t be jealous, otherwise, you’re ruin things that aren’t even built yet.
  • Financial responsibilities aren’t as strongly expressed as in heterosexual relationships, but dating someone also means taking care of him. Romeo isn’t a sugar daddy gay app, and it doesn’t encourage its users to be sponsors or expect sponsorship. Scammers and golddiggers are to be immediately reported. But, at the same time, it’s only logical to support your chosen one who has just lost his job or goes through other heavy difficulties.

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How to become a pro in Romeo gay dating

Many users perceive a dating app as their virtual home, spending there from 3 to 12 hours a day. That’s why review on the application Romeo for LGBT is so desirable for them. If to use the app regularly and be attentive enough to other members, it helps to either keep on getting a new partner each evening or find someone stable.

Romeo is a very qualitative platform, but it’s not a one-way road and successful using it demands certain character traits and skills:

  1. Be tactful. If you’re a part of LGBTQ+ community, then you perfectly know how important diplomatic skills are. Discrimination or even a slight disrespect are a no-no on gay platforms. Treat the others in a way you want to be treated.
  2. Adsorb and analyze the information. The answers to your personal questions may be already there, waiting for you. Just don’t miss them! Read all the lines and between the lines.
  3. Be frank about your passions, do’s and don’ts. You’ll avoid a big mess and confusion if you reveal your real wants and necessities from the beginning. Don’t be shy to be real and honest with a stranger: you are doing a good thing and protecting you two from a disaster.
  4. Be sure you have read the Terms and Policies. They differ from one gay platform to another and sometimes contain a crucial information that you don’t want to miss.
  5. Follow the blogs and discussions. Romeo reminds a gay social network where folks can keep in touch and share opinions. There are tutorials and gay dating tips too, especially on the desktop version. Each profile contains a changeable status that is very informative too. If you want an effective dating or a cool memorable gay affair, use all available tools and don’t neglect them.
  6. Do not hesitate with the real meeting. This is a common mistake: gay men get too suspicious and careful so they pause their agreement too much. Don’t do that, the competition is too big. Jump on a board as soon as you liked the person.
  7. Don’t be too gay. It may sound weird to you but gay men don’t want to see negative gay qualities in their potential partners, such as laziness, being self-centered, being materialistic, being bitchy, having poor manners. If one can work on himself and present only best traits, he will always remain popular on Romeo and out of it.