Irritating questions asked by Russian women.


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First of all it is the matter of how much money you make. First of all in Russia it is not a very common question, but usually girls who ask it, are either interested in order to know the difference of who is considered rich and who is considered poor, or they are simply chasing for money. Of course it is not that pleasant to realize that, but from the other side, they are honest, and show from the beginning that they are used with a certain lifestyle, so they can accept a better one or same lifestyle, but not a worse one for sure. And that is the moment when the man is deciding whether he is ok with that or not, if he is not ok, than it is his own problem he should live with. Or those girls are simply interested in this matter because they want to know if their man would be able to carry on the responsibility for them. So in order to be able to start a family with a Russian woman this man has to earn not less than twenty four thousands of dollars per year, it is not that big amount of money actually, in order to allow yourself living in your own house, travel and enjoy life, you need to earn not less than seventy thousands of dollars per year. Everything depends on the state you live in, as the prices for the real estate and salaries are different in each state. This is the main reason why Russian ladies are interested with the budget of men they communicate with.
The other important problem that might arise, is whether this man has children from previous marriages or relationships, or not, as before getting married each woman needs to know how her husband is suppose to provide their family, whether he is willing and able to invest money in the education of his woman and their future children, whether he will buy her a car or not, whether she will have the possibility to visit her hometown and family or not, whether she will be able in this marriage to sent money to her parents in order to help them, or not. Of course in the future she will have the opportunity to earn money on her own, but at the beginning this kind of woman will totally depend on her husband from the material point of view. So it is no point in getting upset with your woman for the fact that she is worried about your common future.

Beside material problem, there are a lot of times when arises the issue of not knowing the English language properly. Some women are very bad with their grammar, and it scares away their man, on the initial stage of getting to know each other. And eventually it is very difficult for this kind of woman to start the communication, as she is afraid that her man will laugh at her expense. So in this case, it would be great if her man would appreciate the efforts that she made when she wrote that letter even if it has a lot of mistakes, than concentrating upon the mistakes made in it. Of course this lady could have use the services of a translator, at the man’s expense eventually, but she didn’t choose the easy path, she has chosen to put her entire soul into the letter, and not to bother her man with additional expenses, if being attended upon all this kind of things, it would help building the genuine and right impression upon the person who is behind the other screen on the different edge of the world.

Well those are the major misunderstandings that for some reason lead people to problems in their relationship, and of course it is not good, as due to this kind of mistake two lonely hearts might end up being lonely and losing their happy future together, which was so possible and so close but they lost it, due to not paying proper attention to each other.