Get Some Expert Advice For Dating Advice For Men

Have you ever wondered where all the dating advice goes? Well, if you have then you are certainly not alone. Every day thousands of emails and messages flood into your in-box full of dating advice. So, where does it all go? Unfortunately a lot of the dating advice is just as bad for women as it is for men.

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The first piece of dating advice that I want to give you has to do with men and women. So many men get very caught up on what women think they should be doing and how they should be feeling. Instead of taking the time to read up on what men think and how they feel you often see them simply follow the dating advice of the moment. After all, dating advice is nothing new, right? Just watch Oprah and listen to all the female Oprah audience members complain about their husbands and boyfriends and you can pretty much figure out what their problem is.

Now let’s put this in perspective. There are far more problems in the world that women are concerned about then men. And guess what the number one problem of women is? Hormonal imbalance! Yes, hormonal imbalance! This is why all the dating advice you’ll hear is “be a man”.

What men don’t seem to realize is that women have a whole arsenal of weapons and strategies to counteract almost every complaint that they may hear from the women’s standpoint. This is especially true when it comes to verbal abuse. If you read any book on relationship advice aimed at men, you’ll find that 90% of the advice is simply tailored towards women. And even if you take the good advice and use it to your benefit, chances are that you will still have problems with your woman. Why?

Because men rarely listen to what their woman has to say about their shortcomings or misgivings. Instead they simply tune her out and continue on their merry way. This is why you hear so many books about how to win a woman over and how to get a man to love you. Women know how to get men to see them in a positive light so they can work on changing their own perceptions of men are only interested in helping women change and develop their perceptions.

The dating gurus tell you all kinds of things to make a man fall in love. They tell you about what you should say to a man and how you should word your conversations. They tell you about the colors to dress in and the perfume to wear. They even have dating advice for men on how to get the most sexual encounters. However, these same experts also know that women are much more emotionally connected to their partners than men are. They know that this makes women far more susceptible to being abused and psychologically mistreated.

Men will not be likely to open up if they feel as if they cannot trust you. In fact, studies show that men will often stay around women who mistreat them. Dating experts tell us that women who are mistreated by their partners are often too traumatized to open up when they do. If a man sees a woman mistreating another, he will simply stay away from her because he does not want to be hurt again.

As women, it is our responsibility to ensure that we do not allow ourselves to be mistreated. If men did not want to be with dangerous and hurting women, then they would not date them. We must work hard to prove to men that we are loyal and caring while simultaneously showing them that we are not fragile or whiny. It takes hard work but it is also possible. With the help of dating advice for men, you too can make the first move and learn how to attract men like a moth to a flame.