Dating Tips For Men – Make Your First Date Perfect

dating-tips-for-menAre you feeling nervous about your first date? Are you searching for “dating tips for men” on the internet? Well the question might be either of them. But in both cases, you are thinking as to how to make your first date the most beautiful one. Well the fear of rejection is in everybody’s mind but this should not affect you in the slightest possible way.

Dating Tips For Men

Based upon my experiences, I have come up with some of smart dating tips for men as to how to make your first date the most memorable one. Here they are –

1. Polite and nice proposal – You should treat your girl as a mature woman. You should ask her out for the date as a gentleman with a formal proposal. The proposal can be in the form of you looking straight into her eyes and asking her out. The other way could be to send her a text which should include some romantic lines.

Care should be taken that you ask her in a polite and in an innocent manner. Once a genuine connection has been made there is no way for her to decline your proposal. There is a very thin line between a sexy proposal and a vulgar possible. So, you should be mature enough to understand that before making your move.

2. Make prior arrangements – Well when asking a girl out, you should make prior arrangements. I mean one should book a table for two in a cafe, restaurant or a lounge. You being a gentleman should be in charge of everything and make sure you come to the venue earlier if she is not coming with you. Your proposal should incorporate the date, time and venue for the lunch or dinner. If there is a dress code then tell her to wear a particular dress.

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3. Compliment her like a gentleman – You should make her feel that she is the sexiest woman in the whole world. The compliments like giving her a card or flowers could really add glitter to your first date. Bring a expensive champagne along with you. Arrange some soft and romantic music and during the venue tip the staff and make it play. Believe me she will feel  like she is on cloud nine.

The compliments should not be vulgar like don’t stare at her b00bs and then compliment them. She will give a slap on your face and leave the venue making you feel annoyed.



4. Keep it simple – Your first date should be fun filled. Indulge in discussions but don’t make it a serious one. Crack some funny lines or some funny jokes in between. Let it be a two way interaction and not an interaction from only your side.

Well don’t order fancy food stuff that you have never tried. In order to impress her be a flamboyant guy but within limits.

5. Plan ahead – I have seen many of my friends going on a date and then have no contact with the girl. To avoid these circumstances during the date only make a plan for the next meeting. Be a man and make her feel at ease during the current meeting so that she readily meets you the next time.

Well again I would say these are no bullet proof methods and henceforth may vary from person to person. If a person is shy then he may not be able to follow these tips correctly at first. I too was shy during the school but after high school I implemented these tips given by my friends. At once I too was not successful but after two three attempts I was.

So if I can, then anyone can. I would love to hear your views in the form of comments.